Re_fabricate brings together students and staff from across departments and levels at Hereford College of Arts in partnership with the local creative community. The aim is to explore ideas about… whatever we want. Participants devise and co-create content, debate together, tell stories, make objects and art, experiment, perform, read and write together. Some re_fabricate participants will meet together in person at HCA, whilst others will contribute through re_fabricate’s online spaces. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our conversation, whether you’re connected to HCA or not.

Re_fabricate was devised by Victoria Powell, (Critical Studies Lecturer at Hereford College of Arts) and Sarah-Jane Crowson (Scholarship Development Manager at Hereford College of Arts) after we recognised the need for a space in which our creative community could formally come together, inspire each other, problem-solve and experiment in transformative ways together.

Our overarching aim is to bring together interesting people to workshop ideas; these could be around sustainability and ethical design, material futures, embodied learning in a digital age, storytelling – or anything else we think useful. The group co-produces the content, but we’ll frame our teaching and learning in terms of the Open University’s ‘innovating pedagogy‘ series of publications.

Re_fabricate will initially run as four live workshops, each lasting four hours. We hope to extend this beyond the initial trial period. These will be accompanied by a Journal of Unfinished Ideas.

Please let us know if you are interested in finding out more or participating in the project by leaving a comment below or emailing s.crowson@hca.ac.uk. Or you can tweet to #re_fabricate.

(The project has been inspired by many things, including the Porous University symposium in 2017 that Sarah was able to remotely attend through @virtuallyconnecting, working with Openlab and Eventmovement, a digital commissioning platform to share ideas created by Newcastle University and being part of University of Wales Trinity St David Enhancement themes.)

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