Enterprise Thursday@Launchgrad

There was a reason my office space was invaded by Hagrid and a headless Troll yesterday; it was Enterprise Thursday for Launchgrad. Enterprise@HCA has taken on its own identity. We have larger, more formal sessions with students planned this year, but the ‘open’ space discussion/ideas group (for want of a better word) which started last […]

Re_fab 4: Psychogeography and chance

Poetry, intrigue and map-making. Here be a feast of surrealist internal wonders and all in a photography studio-turned-workshop area. This was the last of our re_fabricate pilot at Hereford College of Arts, led expertly by the amazing Jac Cattaneo. Jac is a creative writer and highly experienced creative lecturer. We were very lucky to have […]

Session 3: Sustainability, material and design

It was great to have Victoria back with us for yesterdays re_fabricate session, and even better that we could welcome Ferel, Nick, Ruth & L5 Graphics students to deliver a range of passionate and practical perspectives around the theme of sustainability. Here is Ruth setting up her table of wonders before the session: and (although […]

Session 1: Re_fabricate

Huge kudos to everyone attending the first of our Re_fabricate sessions yesterday, and particular thanks to our collaborators: Rebecca Sumpter (Fine Art alumni) & Vivian Barraclough (L6 Fine Art student) For bringing ‘Panopoly’ to us and capturing our stories of childhood games Kate Ochom, L6 Contemporary Design Crafts student For sharing her collaborative spherical bookart […]