Session 1: Re_fabricate

Huge kudos to everyone attending the first of our Re_fabricate sessions yesterday, and particular thanks to our collaborators:

Rebecca Sumpter (Fine Art alumni) & Vivian Barraclough (L6 Fine Art student)

  • For bringing ‘Panopoly’ to us and capturing our stories of childhood games

Kate Ochom, L6 Contemporary Design Crafts student

  • For sharing her collaborative spherical bookart story that crosses continents and brings together children from Africa and the UK, and for leading a workshop where we all made pages for a further spherical book (more on this soon, with some downloadable stuff and images)

Oliver Wilde and Nicholas Stevenson of Oro Swimming Hour:

  • For letting us glimpse their life as a surrealist parlour game, and for working with us to co-create surrealist poetry they set to music – and recorded live in the session – we will be able to download the track at some point – watch this space!

Because of some serious snow mid-way through the session, we had to cut short on ideas of the transdisciplinary studio (sorry Victoria) although we did get to touch on this at the end of the session.

We hope that Victoria will post us some resources on the Journal of Unfinished Ideas so we can collaborate and design our dream collaborative studios remotely before the next session.

On that note, huge thanks to  Oli Cameron-Swan for lending us his studio &  Andrew Graham for creating our new header illustration.

 If you couldn’t make the first session, there is still time to be a part of this by contributing to the discussion here.
Images of some of our collaborations below, and below that, a digital story with some live video snapshots. Enjoy!



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