Key Ideas/texts

As we are now half-way through this pilot, it is time to start thinking, as a collective, of what might happen next, and to help us with this I’ve started to collate a list of key ideas/texts that we’re discussing in these sessions or which helped/might help further inform where we take this work.

Dilly Fung: A Connected Curriculum

Much of the work we are carrying out in Re_Fabricate speaks to the ideas in Dilly Fung’s A Connected Curriculum.

The book is free to download.

Open University: Innovating Pedagogies

We’re mapping our themes to ideas put forward in this inspiring series.

Alex Coles: The Transdisciplinary Studio

Theme of our first session, with key ideas posted by Victoria on our Padlet board. We devised our own dream transdisciplinary studios in session two. The book is certainly worth reading.

Michel De Certeau: The Practice of Everyday Life

A classic text exploring theory and practice, Gabrielle Stevenson, an illustrator and academic,  is developing her own theories around how De Certeau’s ‘Third Man’ might be a storyteller. She shared her ideas with us in Session Two.