re_fabricate: collaboration and hidden universes…

It lives…

…we have dates, times, rooms (A17)

Tuesday 27th February 2.00-6.00 Theme: Collaboration

We hope to be; interrogating the idea of collaboration, discussing ideas of the transdisciplinary studio, co-creating a collaborative book-arts piece, using paper airplanes as part of a question and answer and (we hope) co-creating some  music with Nicholas Stevenson and Oliver Wilde of Oro Swimming hour (if the second half of them can make it):

‘not so much a band but a hidden universe you can visit…the music gets written in a collaborative dada-esque parlour game’

Tuesday 6th March 2.00-6.00: Storytelling. words, images, objects

Tuesday 13th March 2.00-6.00 Design & Sustainable Futures

Tuesday 20th March 2.00-6.00 Psychogeography & magical realism (with the very magical Jac Cattaneo)

But, in the collaborative world of planning all ideas are still completely up for grabs, so please get in touch if you’d like to participate and share yours.


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