Session Four: Psychogeography & Chance

Hello all,

A quick heads-up about our fourth and final session of re_fabricate, scheduled for Tuesday 20th March, 2.00- 5.30 in A17, CRC.
We are super-lucky enough to have the amazing Jac Cattaneo coming from Brighton to deliver this session. Jac is a creative writer and lecturer; specialising in walking/writing practice as well as being an explorer of intriguing spaces and hidden places. She brings with her poetry, string and wonderful ideas.
Jac will be leading us on an adventure of Psychogeography and Chance. This theme will consider ideas of journeys, maps, textiles, storytelling and playing with chance. Amongst other yummy things, we will:
  • freewrite a piece of textile
  • look at ideas, imaginary maps and psychogeography
  • create our own map
  • participate in a critical discussion to explore the creative practitioner side of Dawn Hudd
  • explore our inner landscapes- mandalas as our navigation objects
  • consider the strange and intriguing within Holland Otik’s object-oriented and performance-based practice
  • make a poem with found text (and string! Jac has promised that there will be words, and string, and chance meetings)
  • consider ideas of sur-real and third space with (we hope) Victoria and (we hope) Gabriella (and maybe me)
  • read our poetry
Quite a lot to look forward to. Jac may ask us to bring something to the session, so keep your eyes open for an email, please.
In the meantime, our co-created ‘exquisite corpse’ surrealist poem grows and unfolds… please keep adding to this…it will be brought into the Journal of Unfinished Ideas after our sessions.
best wishes, and looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday,

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