Session two – Storytelling: words and images, theory and practice.

Our next session runs on Tuesday, between 2.00 and 6.00 in room A18. This time our theme is:
Storytelling – words and images, theory and practice:
We hope this will start with a storytelling stroll led by Joe Kerr, followed by hot chocolate if the Weather Continues.
Next,  music with Libby Vale, sharing her quilt, songs and stories – helping us to consider how making, storytelling and music can help us deal with difficult moments in our lives.
Next follows a story slam…
ALERT: PLEASE BRING SOMETHING WITH YOU – a piece of non-commissioned creative work, this can take any form
After a short break to reflect and discuss, we return for Gabrielle Brace Stevenson’s theoretical musings on De Certeau – words and images, theory and practice.
Following this, if we are lucky, our very own Victoria Powell will reflect on how we curate our own stories as part of our self-reflexive practice.
While Victoria and Gabrielle lead the discussion, we’ll be engaged in some active note-taking, exploring in illustrations and words what they discuss in theoretical terms.
We look forward very much to seeing you on Tuesday.
best wishes,
Sarah and Victoria

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