The Curiosity Project

Some Christmas curiosities

Above are some of the things which have been spotted in college during December…including a festive Curiosity Duck.

We’re at the stage of this project where curious things that might not be deliberately intended to be part of the curiosity project are being snapped and sent to me.

If you’re the owner of one of these, please email me to share the original purpose of the object – if it had one.

We’re also at the stage where curiosities have already been featured are getting further shout-outs. Have you spotted the curious oyster on C floor yet?

Have a lovely festive season, everyone. Sarah.



And so our cabinet of curiosities grows…thanks to all posting and spotting curious things in November.

I can report that Curiosity Duck is a favourite for spotting…


I have deliberately not posted the location of these objects…see if you can spot where they are – or might have been –  as you journey through college.