The Journal of Unfinished Ideas (Volume I)

What is the Journal of Unfinished Ideas?

We have no fixed aims for the journal, but the basic idea behind it is to start interesting conversations and not finish them, and to see how they progress from different perspectives. We want as many people as possible to share their voices in re_fabricate, so those of you who can’t come to the ‘live’ sessions will still be able to participate through this online space.

Initially we will use a padlet wall where participants can share ideas, ask questions, chat with each other, post thoughts, links, images, videos, articles, news stories etc.

These contributions will both inform and come out of the four re_fabricate workshops. Sarah and Victoria will post questions and stuff to read, listen to and watch in order to get thoughts rolling and conversations started. Then the rest is up to you…

Made with Padlet


After the workshops Sarah and Victoria will ‘curate’ the contributions from participants into a Journal of Unfinished Ideas. This will form a record of our work and enable us to capture some of the discussion and ‘live’ moments.

This, for the record, is not even our idea. The journal of unfinished ideas comes from  Roger Connah‘s pamphlet which he gave to Del, HE Curriculum Leader, during the artist blacksmith exhibition ‘Forge’.

So, although the journal is rooted in Connah’s pedagogical practice, we will try to use the opportunities of the web 2.0 to enable a shared, co-edited journal with all who participate in re_fabricate.