Huge thanks to everyone who has emailed and spoken to me in the last few days expressing their interest and sharing ideas for what is now starting to get called re_fabricate (but this can still be changed).

We have over 30 people, but we know that there will be some unable to make the suggested times/dates of sessions and because of the high level of interest (yay) in the project we are working to find ways to include everyone. Maybe a corridor re_fab or we’ll do some shorter sessions on top of the core four…there are always creative ways to think around questions and we mustn’t forget the ‘journal of unfinished ideas’ (which I have to find a webspace for)

At this stage, what we’re trying to do is sort out when Victoria is free (as she has teaching load here and in London) and plan around this. Once we’ve a core group of people who can make core times, we plan.

Each session, at the moment, looks to be grouped round a key external theme which will also take into account new trends in teaching and learning. Key points are:

  • Victoria and Sarah will facilitate each session and note-take to sum up our work and thoughts; within each re_fab there will be various activities that are led by different people from different areas of practice. This (we hope) will stimulate new thinking about a problem-area from different perspectives
  • Each session will be developed by a core ‘planning team’. This will consist of students, staff and hopefully some external input; again, Victoria and Sarah will facilitate planning so we have a good balance of practical activity, ideas-generation and external concept in each session
  • A journal-entry will precede each session – we are looking for a digital platform so that this can be an ‘open’ journal where everyone involved adds their own ideas and stories. The journal will remain ‘live’…

So, if you have an idea you’d like to see explored within re_fabricate, please let us know, either by posting on the comments thread below or by emailing me directly “s.crowson@hca.ac.uk”

More from me later as we move forwards with this project!


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