Session Three: Sustainability (and a game)

Hello all,

We are super-excited to let you know the line up for next Tuesday’s re_fabricate session, which will run between 2.00-5.30 in A17, CRC.
The theme of the session is Sustainability, and, amongst other exciting activities  we will be:
  • Participating in an ideas-slam
  • Hearing about precious plastic from graphics students, and sharing blueprints for a sustainability machine with Ferel Smith
  • Designing our own blue-sky sustainability machines
  • Considering what the materials we use tell us about ourselves
  • Participating in a zero-waste design workshop with Nick Thomas
  • Participating in ‘making from broken’ – a live demonstration and workshop with Ruth Cameron-Swan
Victoria and I will be posting some links to key theoretical concepts around human centred design on the Journal of Unfinished Ideas.
Now for the game.
We have a surreal game challenge (called ‘Exquisite Corpse) before the next session. We will be co-creating a poem online. Anyone is welcome to join in. To participate, you will need to create a sentence (or more than one) which follows the pattern-
Adjective — noun — verb — adjective — noun.
For example,
Dreaming fish can’t drink air (that’s my starter)
You are cordially invited to post your sentence on this shared document  (you should be able to just go straight in and type on the document).
best wishes, and looking forward to seeing you next week,
Sarah and Victoria

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