The Curiosity Project

Hello lovely re-fabricate people,

As we begin to start term, to celebrate our unique place and space I would like to invite you to take part in a Curiosity Project with me.

About the project –

Every day , for the first week of every month this year, a few of us will be placing a small provocation (a poem, a quote, a drawing, a QR code that links to a video) somewhere where the provocation speaks to some aspect of the place of HCA.

Sometimes these will be ephemeral (they might be taken down or blow away) but I’ll be taking a photograph as an archive. They will be small!

You are invited to do the same. If you are a current student, have a walk around the building and see what inspires you. Let me know what small thing you’ve placed and where so that I can add it to our Map of the Curious. Send me a photo!

Also, If you spot something someone else has placed, create a response (and let me know so I can add it to our Map of the Curious). If you’re a recent graduate, come and visit me to do the same or work with me via email.

Good Luck, curious people…let us begin. This is a fluid, playful project – all about fun and curiosity – don’t think too hard…


Best wishes,


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