So, how exciting – our first re_fabricate session has been co-planned, co-plotted and co-devised. Tomorrow (snow permitting) we are looking forward to:

  • Writing a manifesto for re_fabricators
  • Working with performance artists Becky Sumpter and Vivian Barraclough in considering games, storytelling and how we understand our worlds through Monopoly
  • Listening to Victoria’s perspective around Coles ideas of the transdisciplinary studio and responding
  • Discovering more about how we might collaborate across borders – and through book-binding with Kate Ochom, L6 student at HCA.
  • Breaking the idea of the ‘live concert’ and collaborating inventively through music with Oro Swimming Hour
  • Sharing our ‘unfinished ideas’ for the journal

Victoria has set up a live padlet board with some questions for anyone who would like to join in – it’s here. Please – anyone, visitor or collaborator, feel free to add your comments.

Also a huge thanks to ‘stores’ at HCA who happen to have more Overhead Projectors in store than we’d care to mention. And to the rather amazing Gabrielle Stevenson, who visited Victoria and I today with some rather lovely and extraordinary explorations of practice and theory we hope to share with you during session two…


(images by Nicholas Stevenson; the illustrative half of Oro Swimming Hour)



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